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Book a Quartet Today Online!

3-jazz-quartet-bookaIf you are searching for the lowest prices in booking musical entertainment that will fill the room with a familiar yet unique sound, then looking into hiring one of our diverse quartets is just what your party needs. BOOKA Quartet provides you not only with the highest standard of talent and an eclectic bunch of trained musicians but also with an abundant choice of style and genre, allowing you to set the musical tone that’ll suit the theme of your event perfectly.

Our amazing prices and Live music quartets range from Rock to Swing and from Soul to classical instrumental arrangement or a full band including a vocalist, bass, guitar and drums. If you’d really like to mix it up we are able to present to you a Singing Waiters Rock-Violin combo that’ll have your guests in awe, transfixed on the show blossoming in front of them. Continue reading Book a Quartet Today Online!